Binni Záa, which from Zapotec to English means: “People who come from the clouds”, that is how called themselves the ancient inhabitants of this civilization, that spread throughout several states of the country.
The production of Binizá Festival, are a 100% Mexican team that seeks, in addition to providing a world-class festival, also to be able to give a greater tourist attraction to the entity, “exploit” the diversity of the different beaches that make up of the state of Oaxaca to offer to Mexico and the world.

Binizá Festival Focuses on 1 single objective and perhaps our motto: “No poses just music”.
we want that attendees to essentially connect with what their are listening, and the people around them, so, in no event made by us, will exist the VIP area.

We welcome you to this new experience, located on the paradisiacal beach of Zicatela in Oaxaca, Mexico. This festival will last 3 days, where we will have national and foreign talent of the highest quality. Based on House music and it’s different types.

#FollowTheCircle: Follow the red circle, it will guide you to the venue where the whole events is taking place


Consolidate as one of the best beach festivals nationally and internationally, growing gradually to have a greater attraction of national and foreign tourists to the state, promote awareness for the care and conservation of our beaches and cultures.


Binizá, seeks to bring together the foreign and national tourism sector (over 20 years), in a weekend with the best selection of djs dedicated to electronic music. We will promote the culture and diversity of the entity, to obtain economic and tourist growth.


Respect: among the attendants can live an experience in friendly coexistence.
Awareness: encourage our attendees to care for the nature that surrounds us and live it harmoniously.
Love: create an environment of fraternity and love among the attendees and nature, by enjoying the best landscapes that the environment can offer us.a, al disfrutar de los mejores  paisajes  que el entorno nos puede ofrecer.